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Someone asked about recommendations for Vietnam, which got me thinking (and searching through old emails). Anyway, this place is SOOO good. Some local friends took Jeanette, Dave and I there and we went back again (and again). Traditional Vietnamese dishes are served on beautiful china in a three-story old building. I would say it´s in the high-middle in terms of price.

Restaurant: Com Viet
Adresse: 13 rue Ly Thai To, Arr. de Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi
Tél.: 8240637


Once upon a time, Jeanette and I were shopping in Vietnam. We wandered into a shop that sold gorgeous quilts, however we were somewhat laden with stuff at that point and carrying a quilt for the next month was out of the question. I did catch a look at the tag to see who made them so I could look it up later. I’m really glad I did. Vietnam Quilts  not only make a beautiful product, but was founded in 2001 as an income generation project for rural women enabling them to remain in their communities and care for their children and families. They are a non-profit program within a French – Belgian NGO, Vietnam Plus employing women in Duc Linh, in the Binh Thuan province and Long My in Hau Giang (the Delta).

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