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Envy had been recommended to me ages ago but it took until now to finally get a chance to eat there.  The ordering is a little confusing; if you’re party is less than 6 people you can choose between a la carte or set menu. Since we were a big group our only choice was between the 4 or 5-course set menus. All the food is “global fusion” and the chef decides what he wants to serve you, which may or may not be the same as the table next to you. Yes, they ask about any allergies/dietary restrictions beforehand. The Tartare plate was great (Tuna, Salmon and steak serves in various ways), the wine list was very  balanced with good options under 30Euros. It was a very fun meal, but not for ‘meat and potato’ people. It’s not cheap either, we had wine, 4 courses, desert and coffee and it came out to about 70Euros/head. I would definitly go back, it was an experience and everyone in our party really liked it.

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