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Nothing bugs me more than negative experiences that could have so EASILY been avoided…

I was sitting at this outdoor cafe in a trendy area with TONS of people around reading when this guy asked me (in Spanish) for directions, I was distracted for 1 MINUTE and his partner must have come and nipped my bag 😦 Camera, phone, (new) wallet – todos gone. Thankfully I always keep my keys in my pocket, my passport was at home and I had just uploaded all my pictures from the trip so far. The people at the cafe were lovely (will need to go back and pay them..) I went to the police station and they were GREAT! They insisted I try maté, we had a little language exchange, they wrote a list of wines for me to try and restaurants (they were v upset I hadn´t had Asado yet). I must have been the most excitement they have had all weekend, we hung out for a while. The Commandant (or whatever) joked he would call his wife and tell her he was taking me out on the town tonight. He asked if it was true that the head of the FBI gets paid 7 Million a year and did his impression of an American cop. Overall it was as pleasant an experience as can be.

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