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Back in Beantown Jeanette and I would go on to priceline, find a deal on a decent hotel and drive down to NYC for the weekend every couple months. After moving to Asia, I would route my trips home through NYC and Lisa and I carried on the tradition of NYC weekends. As we got older, these weekends got a lot less wild, but it’s still one of my favorite cities to spend a weekend. Saturdays are the best day to be there.

  1. Cab/walk down to Soho and have breakfast in one of the little cafes (I like the ones on Mulberry St)
  2. After the feed, walk down Prince St. There’s an open air ‘market’ [read: card tables on the sidewalk] between  Mott & Mulberry St
  3. Continue on and wander around the side-streets.
  4. Meander up to the Union Square farmers market (or Broadway is a straightshot).

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