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Peru Rail Map

We took a morning flight so we got into Cusco with time to spare. We checked into Sumac Wasi . I didn´t realize it was in Gringo Alley when I made the reservation but otherwise it was clean, had character and was central. I had hoped to fall in love with Cusco and want to camp out there, but that wasn’t quite the case. It’s cute but hectic and it felt like everyone was out to squeeze as much money out of tourists as possible. The doctor gave me pills against altitude sickness that we started to take the day before we went (since Cusco is 3,400 Meters above sea level) but he failed to mention we shouldn’t drink on them so half a cocktail at dinner and we were toasted. Other than lightheadedness and some pins and needles in my feet, I wasn’t too affected so I guess they worked. After 2 days of walking around (and a day tour of surrounding ruins including `Sexy Woman`). We took the train to Aguas Calientes (the official stop before Machupicchu). The ride was full of really beautiful scenery, waterfalls, farms and the like. Turns out the Inca Trail is always closed in February for maintenance so that wasn’t an option (not that Angeline or I were seriously considering it).

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