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Lao Liang

For me Christmas is a time to hide on a beach. To run away from the masses of crazed shoppers and stick my head into the sand. This year I wanted to go somewhere relatively cheap, cozy, clean, and free from old European men and their teenage companions. Once upon a time these kinds of places were a dime a dozen around Thailand. This year, it was tough. After searching around various travel sites and blogs I came across Lao Liang island. There are no bungalows – everyone stays in tents (big ones you can stand up in that have a ‘bedroom’ and a ‘living room’). I paid a little extra so mine was right on the beach and I could hear the surf while I lay in bed. Bliss. All meals are communal as are the bathrooms which I realize might not be for everyone, but I thought it was fine. The beach was small but really nice and there are kayaks for guests’ use, rock climbing and a daily outing to snorkel on a neighboring island. I flew into Trang from BKK on Nok Air and the folks from Lao Liang picked me up at the airport. We drove 30 minutes to the ferry ‘terminal’ (read: flimsy dock) and then it was a 20 minute boat ride. Most people go to Lao Liang for 3 days, I went for 9 which was a bit long. I was the only person there NOT in a family, couple or group of friends, but everyone was friendly so I was rarely for wont of someone to talk to. If you’re looking for a chill beach holiday I totally recommend it. At 5000 Bht for 3 nights/2 days it’s not super cheap but considering all meals are included (the food was really good) and use of kayaks and snorkeling trip is included I think it’s very fair.

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