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I haven’t posted in ages and seem to have reverted to consolidating emails and sending them out on request (which is why I started this in the first place) so my belated new year’s Resolution is to get back on the travel bloggin wagon.

Definitely go to the top of the new Trade Center Building ona day that’s relatively clear
M50 galleries compound-
Shanghai Circus:
Duolun Lu – great for walking around, this was the epicenter of SH intellectual life in the 20’s and 30’s
Taikang lu – lots of little boutiques and a peak at life in the lanes
Walk around the “Antiques Street” –
Massage – I like Green massage best (book in advance – multiple locations):
Good walking map of the French Concession:
GREAT self-guided MP3 audio tour to buy online for guided walking tour: (I know the Shanghai one is great, I don’t know about the BJ and HK ones):

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