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I´ve been ploughing through these posts but I should say that in the past 36 hours we experienced: an earth quake (albeit a baby one), a UFO sighting (at least that´s what I was told I was seeing), a car accident (not a serious one, everyone is fine), a day out on an incredible yacht drinking champagne and a 5am off-road adventure to the beach to (almost) see the sunrise. To say we have had a memorable trip is an understatement.

As soon as we got back to Lima we met with Augusto, Angeline´s friend we´re staying with. We handed over the dirty laundry and packed to head back to his beach house. Unfortunately, it was overcast and we didn´t really make it to the beach but we did have a hard-partying weekend with Augusto and his friends. The other night there was a UFO sighting, I missed it by 2 minutes but did see something moving in the fog – I can´t really saw definitively what it was… Sunday we spent the day on Augusto´s friend`s Catamaran having lunch and a bit of a put around the bay. We got back to Lima late last night and spent today chilling. My first day of doing almost nothing and it´s been nice 🙂 I decided I don´t feel like travelling around by myself so instead of heading to Arequipa and Coca Valley I´m heading to Buenos Aires to plant myself for about a month. Instead of staying in a hostel I found a few apartments on Craigslist that I will hopefully check out once I´m there.

Just landed in the big Smoke for a 15 hour layover. I’m officially unemployed with no fixed abode… crazy. I have just enough time in London to have a glass of wine with Ann and an extended nap before I head back to the airport. Hoping to meet up with Margaret, albeit briefly, during my stop in NYC. Still no set itinerary beyond meeting Angeline in Lima and heading to Cusco on the 10th. After she heads back to Shangers on the 17th I think I might start a slow train trip down the coast and then inland to Arequipe. At that point I’ll be on my onesies until I meet Alfred (and maybe Ivy) in Buenos Aires around March 14th. Despite the rounds of fire cupping, acupuncture and antibiotics I still can’t shake my nasty sinus infection.. yuck.

I never thought I would have a blog. Once upon a time in 1999 I thought I would never own a cell phone either, but like this it was a way to keep in touch with friends and family. It seemed to make sense to post somewhere the contents of the emails I regularly re-send to friends (restaurants I like in Shanghai, the hostel I stay at in BKK, etc) and 2) If I update this while I’m on my 3-month+ Latin American walkabout family and friends can keep track of my ‘progress’ if they want and I don’t have to send out impersonal mass emails.

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