I had my first day of Spanish lessons today at Ayres de Espanol in Palermo. It´s a small school in a cute old building and but it´s main attraction for me is that it´s not a schlep away in San Telmo. Their methodology is somewhat bohemian but I´m pretty much level 0 so it´s fine for me. After working behind the scenes in language learning for 8 years and not having been an actual student in 9, it was a strange feeling to be sitting in front of a whiteboard with my new notebook cracked open. We started as 3 students in the class  but we were already down to 2 by the end of the first session (and I´m not sure how long my remaining colleague is going to stick around). I think I might need to find a school that´s a bit more structured… I want to establish a foundation so that I can really learn Spanish and I´m starting to wonder if maybe this school is more geared towards people who just want to be able to get around better. Stay tuned..