Peruvian Potatoes

  • Lima looks similar to Sao Paulo, but safer, cleaner, nicer and with fewer bars on the windows
  • Peruvians really like salt, I mean REALLY like salt
  • Almost every restaurant we have been to serves the same style of (tasty) Chicken Soup
  • Peru is exceptionally clean, unlike in tourist towns in SEA there´s almost no garbage around
  • There are about 2000 types of potatoes and Peruanos aren´t afraid to use them
  • Being on the road is as scary, if not scarier than in China
  • All food is red, yellow, orange or white
  • There are almost no straight [single] men in Lima
  • Peruvians are pretty old school, no PDA and girls still live at home until they are married (even in the more progressive families)